Some things are just meant to be…

Two years ago my best friend gave me a sewing machine, a fabulous gift, but distracted with other things it found its way into the back of a wardrobe and there it sat. To be honest, I think it would have sat for a very long time if it hadn’t been for my son who, with his wife, went out and found a tiny little puppy Pomeranian and called it Nola.

Personally, I have always been a Labrador person. I love all dogs and cats but for me if I had to have a companion it would always be a Labrador. That was until I met Nola.

As my first GrandPom, she is a great addition to the family. These little dogs are adorable, with huge characters and they really do light up the day. Maybe it’s because we see them as puppies forever, or simply because they have so much love to give. Whatever the reason, the combination of a friend’s dear gift and the arrival of this bundle of fur have led the creation of an unexpected business which I love where I now create a range of small dog accessories all inspired by Nola.